Sunday, November 23, 2014

To Be Continued....?

So I spent today recovering from my "Friendsgiving" yesterday evening. I'm pretty sure I was drinking for 6 straight hours, thanks to the male host of the evening making sure my glass was NEVER empty. I was literally trying to finish off my last glass of wine when I had to leave to catch the bus home at midnight. On the plus side I actually did pretty well at Card Against Humanity, so that was a nice surprise. I pretty much just did laundry, caught up on some tv shows, and ate two giant bowls of ice cream. It was kind of great.

Now I am off to return some VERY overdue library books (god bless DC for their lenient library policies) and then to hang with my bud who I haven't seen in a while before I head off for the holidays. Since I still have to pale, I intend to come home at a reasonable hour, but just in case, I wanted to at least give a basic post. So, I have every intention to post a fuller post when I get home, but in case I don't, this is my update. However for now, consider this a placeholder.

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