Friday, November 7, 2014

Relax, Retreat, but most of all SLEEP

 So I am really looking forward to this weekend. Not only has this week just been THE MOST EXHAUSTING WEEK IN RECENT MEMORY. Now, as I said in he previous post, in the end, hopefully, it will all prove to be worth it.

Which is why I am so glad to be going on a weekend retreat with a few of my friends to the mountains. Just 48 hours of relaxation, wine, and whimsy. It's gonna be great. However I will more than likely need to immediately take a nap once we get there, as I am already falling asleep at my desk, and it's not even 3pm! But once I get a little rested up, Oh man, I know it's going to be great.

Now, seeing as how I am still very much in the mix of things to accomplish this week, I cannot write an entire post outlining what all is going on. But maybe either tonight, or tomorrow morning, whilst (yep, I def just used whilst) I peer out the window at the beautiful foliage and the cascading mountain peaks, the great Muse will make her presence known to me and inspire sweet, sweet prose to pour from these fingers like great libations.

Ok, either I am WAY more tired than I think I am, or my soul is as ready for this getaway as my brain and body are.....

You know what? I think it's actually a little of both.

*photo above: view of the Baltimore, MD skyline from my seat on the Megabus, during my last weekend trip away to NYC. 

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