Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Recharging, Perhaps a Little Too Much

So, with each day off I seem to be spending a good amount of time not doing anything productive. However, I guess that it is only not productive based on your definition of productivity. 

I woke up this morning to the sound of drilling on the other side of my apartment wall. After seeing the maintenance crew with their cart full of paint and equipment, I guess that I can finally confirm that my neighbor is NOT coming back. I mentioned to some friends that I thought that he dipped out a few weeks ago, previously thinking he was dead or something only to see him passing out religious pamphlets outside of the metro center. They had even put up one if those signs that said "Please contact building  management to gain access". I just hope for his sake that he is not involved in some cult that made him denounce all if his worldly possessions. 

Because of the drilling and sounds of construction, I thought it a great opportunity to go out to the terrace on the side of my building with a book, some chai, and my journal and see what I could accomplish there. After doing some reading, some sipping, and looking out at the view of the autumn leaves out in the forest behind my building, someone else started drilling or hammering or something over next to the terrace. Luckily by then I had finished my chai and I was at a good stopping place in my book. So I went back inside and proceeded to watch movies and tv, and eat junk food all day. 

Now, as I mentioned before, while this weekend was not very restful in the traditional sense, it was restful in the way that it was just what the doctor ordered. I left work on Friday, working down to the last minute on a project that I said that I would get some before I left, and hopped into my friend's car, and we were on our way. We laughed, talked about what we wanted the trip to entail, as well as how much we needed this weekend away. Now, arriving in pitch black was not ideal, as I think we all would have felt a little more secure had we gotten the lay of the land before sundown. It didn't help matters any that my friend had forgotten(?) to mention that the house was right next to a small cemetery. Or that someone had placed the skull and jawbones of a dead cow next to the front steps. 

I'll admit, there was some concern upon waking into the house. My friend was preparing her bed and found a spider (not uncommon in the country but not the first thing that you want to see all the same. 

Heading to a movie, so I'll just leave this as to be continued.....

Photo above: another spectacular view from the country house. Just uploaded most of the pics today, so I'll prepare to post more pics from the weekend later this week. Man, I miss that view already.

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