Sunday, November 9, 2014

Back in the Game and Feeling Refreshed

Just got back tonight from my weekend getaway trip, and can I just say Wow. This trip was so amazing.

It was fun, relaxing, exciting, HILARIOUS, "delishin" (inside joke from weekend), and just all around fun.

So much fun was had, so much good food was eaten, and we just packed so many great times into what was essentially just over 48 hours.

However the one thing that the trip did not include a lot of was sleep. While we "rested" and relaxed a lot, many hours of sleep were not had. So first thing I'm going to do is try to remedy that.

Full post tomorrow, but for now, just checking in to say that the trip was amazing; everything that we hoped it would be and more. It was just so, so necessary.


*photo above: picture of part of the view from my room, taken right before we left. I just had to suck one last little bit of that view up. It was just so, so great.

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