Thursday, November 20, 2014

Almost Missed Another One

Getting it in at just under the wire. Writing this on my cell phone on the bus home from my second job. I realized halfway through my shift tonight that I had completely forgotten to post today, so I figured that this was the best way to get it in the nick of time. At the day job it was just my team, which was of course awkward because of my supervisor. She offered to treat us to lunch (as she often does when it's just her team around. I am not sure if it's as much out of genuine thoughtfulness or purely a ploy to try and get us to solidify our allegiance to her), so at least I got some free food out of it, and it gave me an hour or so to not just sit at my desk creating busywork for myself. In all of that awkwardness though, I completely got preoccupied and forgot to post on the blog today.

I am working a double today, then another tomorrow, and then Saturday Morning, in order to be able to go to my friend's "Friendsgiving" dinner on Saturday night. So if I do make all the way through all of these shifts, it will be a miracle if I stay awake all the way through dinner. However I do have to admit that I am very excited to be entering the holiday season. It's full of food, full of festive movies, and of course full of festive drinks. Next week I get to see my family for the first time altogether since who knows how long. It's always a rare occasion if I can get my sibling and all of their families and my parent all in one place, so I always get super excited when the opportunity presents itself. It's gonna be good.

Well, I seem to keep nodding off mid-type and typing gibberish that I then having to delete and go back and retype what minor thing I just said. Night.

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