Saturday, January 18, 2014

Having New Experiences

As much as I feel that sometimes, you just need a good night in, to recharge your batteries, it's also to go out and do things that are outside of your normal routine.

So, today, before I head into work at the part-time job, I am going to go with my friend to the Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend Expo Hall. That's right, it's a leather fetish enthusiast's expo. Every year, DC plays host to Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, a weekend of parties, events, and exhibits all showcasing the leather fetish community. You can randomly be walking down the street and see someone in assless chaps, or a harness, of a jockstrap and a vest, on their way to an event or party somewhere in DC. Now, while I have lived in DC for almost 10 years (wow.....), I have never graced one of these events or the exhibit hall. It's not that I don't approve of them or anything, I tend to follow the motto "Don't shit on anyone's kink". I think that I find them the slightest bit intimidating. I mean, I have been to Folsom Street East in NYC, which is essentially a leather and fetish festival that is held in New York City and San Francisco every year, but I have never been to one in my own town. So, when my friend said that he wanted to go and asked if I would go along with him, I said sure. I find that sometimes I can let the slightest bit of trepidation keep me from having a lot of potentially awesome experiences. And for 2014 I want this to be the year of getting out of my rut and doing more. And if that starts with a trip to the local leather festival, so be it.

Now, I don't see myself ever evolving into some sort of dungeon master of sex, but it's worth a look. I mean,  would it really be polite to pass up an opportunity to see hot guys in leather harnesses? I think not.

Gwen Stefani's video for the song "What You Waiting For?" A lot of times when my friends are being apprehensive about trying something new, I often quote this song and say "Take a chance, you stupid ho." Surprisingly enough, it actually tends to work. Maybe it's time that I start taking my own advice.

(photo above:a group of guys at Folsom Street East in NYC 2009. Back before I fell into my rut. My friends from NYC got me to go, and I actually had a great time. It's surprising that I have never been to the one in DC before, but there's a first time for everything. And P.S., this is one of the few "age appropriate" photos from that event. There were definitely people walking around butt naked. Good times.)

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