Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Better Than I Was the Day Before

Approaching the end of this month, I am finding that I have been somewhat kicking myself for not entirely keeping up with my goal to blog everyday. I have posted some posts technically not on the intended day, and I even just missed a day altogether. So if you look at it like that, I could think, yes, I failed to complete this mission.

However, when I think about the fact that I purposely made these not "goals", but "intentions", I have to rethink things a little. I have posted more entries this month than I probably have in the last 3 years combined. They are far from perfect, some of them are totally pulled outta my ass, and I definitely could work on editing, fleshing them out, etc more, but I am actually doing it. Actually posting something and putting it out for the world to see, whether there is anyone in the world looking at them or not.

Regardless of how hard I choose to be on myself, this is progress. And I should feel pretty fucking great about that.

Last scene of the film Flashdance, a film that is all about getting over your insecurities and following your dreams. This is dubbed to spanish, but when she falls, she says "can I start again?" which if course in an audition takes great courage and strength. Then, well, you see what happens from there.

(Photo above: self-portrait of me in some sort of Flashdance-esque pose in my junky apartment some time ago. It's not perfect, it's not all neat and tidily wrapped up in a bow, but it's me.)

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