Monday, January 27, 2014

A Quiet Night In

So the last 2 nights at the movie theater were kinda brutal. There was a special event going on for the entire weekend, so we had a lot of guests, of all types. We had the nice guests, rude guests, condescending guests, and the borderline belligerent guests. Suffice to say, I was looking forward to having today off. 

After nights like that, all I want is a good night in. No going out to clubs, no bars, no large, loud crowds all around. Just a few friends, some wine, and either watching a movie or just chatting it up. Luckily, I had already made plans to have a film night with two of my favorite gal pals, so it came at the perfect time. We get together, have dinner, drink multiple bottles of wine, and watch a few movies and make a night of it. It's the perfect way for me to recharge my batteries. 

What's so great about it is that, while I don't want to just go home and sit alone every night, I also don't want to be another body in the crowd, so this way I get the both of both worlds. And it's perfect because the girls that I have the film night with are some of my most chill, laid back no drama friends, so it's a pretty chill vibe. Although to the outside world that might sound like a pretty boring way to spend a Sunday night, to me, it was pure heaven. And I can't wait till I get the chance to do it again. 

(photo above: my apt windowsill, full of the usual random knick knacks)

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