Thursday, December 11, 2008

Youtube Cannot Handle Us!!

Ok, so I am sure that everyone who reads this has heard me mention B.Scott before. He is a big youtube personality with a website much like Perez Hilton's gossip blog, only B.Scott's is much less messy.....

Anyway, B.Scott recently made a video response to Britney Spears' new single "Circus" that has been blowing up.

In the video, B.Scott and the oh so sexy Marcus Patrick perform what is supposed to be an erotic dream that B. Scott is having. Now I have to say, the video is HOTT. I was watching it at work, and I felt like if someone caught me I would feel guilty as if I was watching porn or something. However, this by no means was a porn video. Both parties never took off their underwear and B Scott is wearing a shirt throughout the video. It was a great video, and although provocative, it was not explicit, beyond the fact that Marcus is clearly a well endowed man (as most of us already knew). But the main point to all of this is, at one point, the video was flagged, and taken off of youtube. Now when I heard this, I was like what? This has to be a mistake! There's no way that youtube will allow girls in thongs and stuff flapping their asses in the camera, but B.Scott can't get bent over and frisked in his underwear?? Like since when did youtube become soo conservative?? I mean, B. Scott already had a video taken off of Daily Motion because he was in a spandex jumpsuit dancing to a song called "my pussy". Now I know that B.Scott is in great shape, but how is him moving his body dancing too graphic?

well, here's the uncensored version:

B. Scott's "Circus" Fantasy Feat. Marcus Patrick from B. Scott on Vimeo.

And here's the censored version, with the ridiculous hearts over the non-nudity:

Now why are these videos so much worse than half (if not more) of the other stuff on youtube? I did a search for naked lesbians and you can only guess how many videos came up. I watched one, and I proceeded to see two women in skimpy lingerie (that were thong underwear on bottom, not even full draws,) making out, and the one playing with the other one's booty. There weren't any hearts over her finger up old girl's butt. It was just all ass in the camera getting fondled. B.Scott wasn't even getting fondled!!! no kissing, no fingering, NOTHING.

Who are these people who flag his videos? Do they really think that they are doing some good, or are they (as i presume) just homophobic assholes who are mad because when they watched this they got aroused? I'd bet on the second one, but I would love to hear someone actually try to argue the first. Now, I had never seen any of the lesbian or such videos on youtube until I just did a search for them, and you want to know why? BECAUSE I DON'T WANT TO SEE TWO GIRLS GETTING FREAKY WITH EACHOTHER. Why is that such a hard concept? If you don't want to see it, don't watch! Don't pick and choose what you deem as inappropriate. I mean, you can put that you must confirm your birthday to watch, but geez! They didn't have to delete it altogether and then repost that crappy censored version. I would understand if you feel that there are people who are too young to see it, but I don't think that by no means unless they are committing an illegal act should it be deemed inappropriate for everyone.

At least his videos are creative. They aren't just gratuitous at random. They were homemade music videos. C'mon, what's so bad about that?

In Fact, here are some youtube videos by two of my fav bloggers Marcus Bellamy and Davey Wavey talking about censorship: ***Update: it seems that the youtube video made by Marcus about censoring nudity and provocation was removed..... No words....

It's just silly to me, that's all. If you think that I'm wrong, Lemme know. I'd love to hear someone else's comments on it.

To watch more of B. Scott and Marcus Bellamy's videos, click show full post.

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