Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Diamond in the Rock: The DC Serenaders

Ok, so when I started this blog, I used to make these videos about riding the bus in DC, basically talking about what crazy annoying people I ran into while traveling around Washington, D.C.

It was alot of commentary on random messiness that i saw around the area. After a while, I started feeling bad about it, and decided to not do it anymore. So, tonight while I was in the metro station, I happened to catch these three men, who I have dubbed The DC Serenaders. They are always just singing for change, and I really enjoy listening to them. They are surprisingly very good. Although I have always wanted to catch them and talk to them for a minute, but since I usually see them in a subway station, i never get the chance to. but tonight, I was at least able to take out my trusty flipcam and get some quick footage of them. I love them because I just think about someone having a kinda shitty day and just running into them waiting for their train home. I hope that they brought a smile to someone's face, I know they brought one to mine :). So, without further hesitation, I present to you The DC Serenaders

and P.S., I dunno if they are homeless, I think so but not sure, but I put it on there so it might attract more viewers. T
hey deserve and audience and people love a gimmick. And to see the second video, click show full post

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