Friday, November 21, 2008

Artist Spotlight/ Song I Am Feeling Right Now: Lady Gaga - Poker Face

I am sure that by now everyone with a knowledge of pop culture knows about her, but for those who do not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

This post is a confession of my love for the new musical artist Lady Gaga. She first came on the scene with her single "Just Dance", and I loved it from the first time that I heard it. Now I am feeling the same buzz over her new single "Poker Face". I guess that it was on Gossip Girl a while ago, but i don't remember, but I did hear it on Ugly Betty last night, and I almost instantly jumped up and started dancing along (they also played "Get Up" by Mary Mary, but I already posted about that one). I love the blue outfit in the video, and the disco ball mask at the beginning of the video. Can this bitch work a pair of shoulder pads or what??? I just think that her music is that kind that in the words of B Scott, "just kicks up in my spirit".
I wanted to embed the video, but every copy i found on youtube disabled embedding, so if you wanna watch it, you'll have to click here. I put the song itself below if you want to hear it. Go and pick up her CD The Fame. What I've heard so far I am loving. To see the video to "Just Dance" click show full post.

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