Thursday, October 2, 2008

Remembering The Days Of My Youth: My Top Cartoons From When I Was A Kid

One of my most vivid memories of childhood was watching cartoons every Saturday morning. I would wake up at like 7am, run downstairs in my pajamas and robe, and sit in front of the TV until about noon when the sports shows came on. And it was always the same channels, ABC and Fox. First ABC, because they had shows like Doug, Recess, and Pepper Ann, and Fox because they had Spiderman, Batman, the X-Men, all of the superheroes from my favorite comic books. I loved it. I still remember when that theme song for Disney's One Saturday Morning would come on, and when I tell you that I knew that song by heart, and would get up and sing along and dance to it, I am not playing. Even to this day I practically know all of the theme songs for all of my favorite cartoons. I don't know what it is, but when I think about those lazy uninterrupted Saturday mornings of my youth, all I can do is smile, and maybe laugh a little. Back then I thought that the scariest thing in the world would be going to Middle School (or Junior High, depending on where you were from), I didn't even understand the concept of high school or even worse yet, college and then a career. All I cared about was whether or not I had my favorite cereal in the pantry, and whether or not my dad was going to take us out driving or to the movies later in the day. What I wouldn't give to sometimes go back and revisit that little boy, and ask him the questions that I now ponder, and try and see how my perspective has changed throughout the years. If you could go back and visit yourself at 10 yrs old, would you? What would you ask yourself? How do you think the 10 yr old you would react to who they have turned out to be? What do you think that you would have asked yourself if given the chance to see yourself "all growed up"?

While I ponder these questions, I'll leave you with a little taste of my childhood.

Thanks to via youtube for letting me take that trip down memory lane. To see more intros from other great cartoons from the 90's go to show full post.

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J. Clarence said...

Pepper Ann was probably the second greatest TV show of my childhood. I use to think that she was just so cool. The first would probably be Doug. I just remember growing up along side Dough, envious of how perfect and humble his family was. I remember the day his dad talked to him about sex. Controversial!

Ah great post. Brought back some awesome memories.