Saturday, October 11, 2008

Britney Spears New Video: Womanizer

Ok, I gotta say, I was never really a die hard Britney fan. I liked her singles, I hated some of her songs (you know, that one from her movie about being in between being a woman and a girl, blah blah). But I have to say, since the bitch went crazy, I have really liked her music. I really liked her Blackout album, and this new single Womanizer is lovely! The video is FABULOUS, especially when the people spin around like Wonder Woman and their clothes fly on or off, it's fun to watch. And I also love the part when she's the chauffeur and she's in the back seat driving with her foot, that was a hott move, I'll have to learn how to do that someday *wink*. And can I say that my friend Steven was right, commenting on how she is back in a big way, even getting her body back to where it should be? She looks AMAZING! I think I just found my new workout partner. She makes me wanna shave my head and start hitting cars with umbrellas and shit. She's dancing her little ass off in this video, and the concept for the video is great, but I am a little mad because I think that they blurred out the cute guy's booty in the shower scene, but whatev. So anyway, thank you B Scott for letting me know that it was out, and thank you youtube for having it on your site, Enjoy it! Listen to it when no one is around so you can dance your ass off without embarrassment.

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