Saturday, September 20, 2008

This Fall: Gay Movies Galore!

I am soo excited! It seems that quite a few movies are coming out or are in the process of being made this fall! Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom, the film based on Logo's hit show Noah's Arc is coming out in select theaters October 24, and I cannot wait. This show was canceled due to going over budget, but everyone i know who watched it was just sad to see it go. but, I am happy to announce that the movie looks great and it's rated R so it'll include all of the steamy scenes that they could not include in the television show. I was a big fan of this show from before it was even on air, introduced to it by my friend Steven when it was still just a pilot being sold at gay pride festivals. here's the trailer for the movie:

Other than that, the book B-Boy Blues by author James Earl Hardy is being made into a film by Maurice Jamal, who used to write for The Dave Chappelle Show, and has a new film coming out called Friends & Lovers: The Ski Trip part 2, here's the opening for that film:

Friends & Lovers Opening Titles

I have been told that this may be made into a tv show as well, but I'm not sure.

Also, a great book called Passion Marks by an author named Lee Hayes is being made into a film. This book was really good, it's about domestic violence in a relationship between two black gay males. It's the first novel I have ever heard of about this topic within that community.

I was telling my sister about all of these films and tv shows, and she was just amazed that there are this many things available on a mainstream level about the black gay community, and I have to say that sometimes I am pleasantly surprised myself.

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