Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back Through the Looking Glass: A Return to Myself

Hey bloggeys!

At this point I assume that no one really checks this blog anymore, as would be expected when you update as sporadically as I do. But it's ok, I realize that i was being a lazy good-for-nothing SOB, and I apologize to anyone who reads this, and especially to myself. I have been wanting to chronicle my life's adventures, misadventures, and mistakes, but I have been finding it too easy to procrastinate to the point of coming to a dead stop on all personal projects. I think that when I have too much to talk about, I get easily overpowered by it all, and i am not the type that begins to micromanage and just take over, I am the type to simply no longer fight the wave of responsibility coming at me, but instead just lie on my back, and let the current wash me to where it may until it is done with me. I then dry myself off, get an understanding of where I have been left, and try to make it back to my home/area of comfort as best I can. I have been traveling for work, so I have had an excuse. I am right now in a tacky (yet still beautiful to me) hotel room at a California resort, trying to hurry up and post this so that I can run in the shower and not be late for my 6:30 am call time for the conference that my company is running. I have a few plans for this here blog, and I intend to carry them out. I realize that at this point my saying "I'm gonna be updating alot more lately" is, as my friend's father would say, "about as significant as a fart in a windstorm", but aren't you curious to see if I actually carry out with it this time? I know I am. Later Days!

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