Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's the line between being safe and being your worst enemy?

Hey bloggeys! It has been a little over a week since my last post, yet I feel as if I have not made a new entry in over a month. Things have just been changing very rapidly for me and I don't know how to take them. I don't even know how I want them to be recorded. But basically, I have met someone, who i really like......sort of. I say sort of because I am not even sure if this person would consider me any substantial figure in their life quite yet, and I can understand why. See, one of my roommates convinced me to go on a date with someone that she works with, and after having seen his picture I was very interested, I would even go as far as to say that I was smitten with the idea of meeting him. So, we meet under very strange circumstances (I met him along with about 6 of his other friends and they were all drunk when I arrived). Since then, I have been trying to just go with the flow and enjoy the experience, you know? I mean just that rush that you get from the prospect of meeting someone new, it's such a rush. Then I meet him and it seems like we really connect, but I am not sure. According to my roommate, I am not "playing the game" correctly. She says that he is testing me to see if I can keep up with the game/chase/ etc. But my thing is, I have not had alot of relationships, but I know that I do not like playing games. I am a very straightforward person when I am contemplating whether or not to be with someone. I do not like trying to figure out whether you like me or not, or whether you are just being polite and do not know how to let me know that it's not working for you, and you'd rather see me just slowly fade into friend territory and just avoid letting me down. In these situations, I go to my friends for advice; then when I go there, I dunno, I realize that none of my friends have the kind of relationship that I would like to have with whomever I end up with, so I am always torn between listening to people in successful relationships and those who are just giving advice based on the situation that they are in. I dunno, I guess that I am too tired to finish this entry, will I guess that this isto be coming to and abrupt end. night

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