Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex And The City Movie: Everything that I could have asked for!

hey bloggeys!
Well, If you didn't guess it already, I was one of the MILLONS of people to go and see the Sex And The City Movie last night, and I have to say, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! For me, being a die hard fan, they did it up. I've heard some people say that they basically just made a very long episode, but in my opinion, that makes me happy. I mean, what did you want?? something that is not reminiscent of the entire reason people wanted to see it made into a movie in the first place? If you were not a fan of the show, then you really shouldn't be expected to review it. You already went in there with a bias. Now, for those of you who are as excited as I was to see it, you WILL NOT be disappointed! I loved it, i even got a little watery towards the end, and it takes alot for a movie to pull on my heartstrings like that. It was soo delicious. In the words of Karen Walker from Will and Grace, it was "so good it HAS to be fattening". We went to go see it in the Georgetown area, and it was nothing but TONS of women, and gay men. I don't think I saw a single straight man in the theater. Afterwards me and my friends went out to the Cheesecake Factory to relax and just keep the buzz going. We each got a cosmopolitan (you know we had to) and made a toast to the beginning of a great summer. Then, because it's us, we each got at least one other drink, and had a blast. My friend S-Dot was soo drunk, it was hilarious. And seeing as how I have never received the pleasure of seeing him drunk, it was oh so good. At one point he was screaming something about his toe.......for like 5 minutes... We were just like, what the fuck?! and then he was like, oh no, it's ok.... It was hilarious. Then we were like, "let's go see it again! yay!" but of course, every theater had been sold out since at least 2 days before for the entire evening. So, we went back to S-Dot and his boyfriend's house, and just sat around hanging out and letting the alcohol seep out of our pores. So, all in all, it was a great evening. And I even heard from Green......out of the blue.....without me having sent him a message first. He just wanted to see how my evening was and tell me that he was thinking of me........... I know that it's not much, but it was nice to hear, and especially since I was drunk the happiness was amplified. So, overall, my Sex And The City evening was everything that I could have asked for. And I hope that everyone else's Friday was good too. Bye!

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Teddy Grahams said...

So I was drunk, and what?!?! LOL