Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wonder of Wonders! Miracles of Miracles! (caution, extra long update.....)

hey bloggeys!

Well this weekend was really nice for me. On Friday, I went to my sister’s house and got to hang out with her and my brother-in-law and niece. It was really fun. My niece cracks me up, because if she hasn’t seen me in a while, she looks at me like I’m crazy. If I have my glasses on, or if I haven’t shaved, she stares me down the entire time. It’s like she knows that I seem familiar, but she doesn’t trust her instincts and has to make sure that I am not a threat to her. It’s funny, because she’ll be around my sister and my brother and she’ll let her guard down and start being silly and having fun, but then she’ll see me looking at her and she will lock up, hahaha. I feel so bad for her. But by the end of the evening we were buddies again. And we spent Saturday morning shopping and going out to eat. The weather was really nice and there were a lot of cute guys out that day. It always feel strange when I am out with my sister because I always feel like people might mistake us for a couple, i mean we are 17 year apart in age but she doesn’t look that old, and I am sure that with couples like Demi and Ashton out there people don’t look twice anymore. I keep thinking, “am I making them think I am on the DL when I check them out, or do they not see me checking them out because I am with her?” I know it’s weird but I am single and I don’t need anymore negative dating karma. Not that I am looking, but I wouldn’t want to deter anyone who may wind up being someone who could sweep me off of my feet. Now, to come back from that tangent.............

Saturday afternoon I went to a “fashion show” produced by one of my friends at an Up Against The Wall clothing store near my school. Although I wouldn’t quite call it a fashion show; it was more of a showcase for some musical artists and they had people modeling the clothes of the store, kind of like and in-store-display showcase. It was nice though. I mean, I think that the technical aspect could have been done better, they needed someone who knows more about set-up and organization, like a stage manager in a play. I only say this because i was a techie for the theater back in high school, so I know how to make a show run well and what makes it run poorly. It was a nice event regardless, especially for my friends first time with no technical background. That evening I went to my friend S-Dot’s boyfriend’s house and had a really fun time. We drank a little, ate some pizza, went to Denny’s and I got to play Nintendo Wii for the first time. I have to say that I was a little thrown off by the fact that the little remote vibrates in your hand (my mind began thinking of alternatives uses......) but I enjoyed it, I whooped my friend’s ass in boxing as Michael Jackson (if you’ve never played Wii, then you may not understand. I wasn’t sure what going to my friend’s boyfriend’s house was going to be like, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had not spent a lot of time hanging out with them as a couple, and I didn’t know if we’d all mesh well. But we actually had a good time and he told me that now I can think about coming back. It makes me feel like I know that he and his boo are enjoying themselves when they are together. But the best news of the entire weekend was my grades. Because I am graduating, my teachers had to have them submitted by Friday, but I was too afraid to look at them. There were three classes this semester that I was a little sad about, I had 2 classes where my numerical grade came out to be like .5 away from an A and a B, and I didn’t think that my teachers would round them up, but surprise surprise, they did! I got 3 A’s and 2 B’s, so against all odds, my overall GPA is about a 3.00 (a 2.99 to be exact). It was just a personal goal of mine to get my GPA back up to a 3.00, and I had all but given up hope. So I am proud of myself. And it was nice to be around friends when I found out to share the experience with.

Today I pretty much sat around and enjoyed myself, I decided to make it a movie day and I watched Ratatouille, Meet the Robinsons, and Surf’s Up. I LOVED Meet the Robinsons, it was so cute and happy. Pixar really knows how to tug the heartstrings in their films. So, I did a few of my favorite things this weekend, hung out with my friends, drank a little, went to a show, and had a movie marathon. I loved it! And this week I am going on a mini road trip with my friends, and going on an overnight trip to New York with one of my roommates. She just introduced me to the bus that only costs 20 dollars round trio from DC to NYC. Hottness! I plan to be getting good use out of that this summer.

I know that I should dedicate some time to my plans for a job, but I don’t wanna talk about it now. Have a good night!

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