Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update on Graduation Countdown and New Site: Gayborhood TV

Hey bloggeys!
I know that it's been a while, but I am down to my last week of college.........MY LAST WEEK!!!!! can you believe it? After thursday, all i have to do is wait two weeks until the graduation ceremony, and I can, in the words of the infamous B. Scott "Act a monkey-doodle fool!" hahahahaha, I am sooo excited. I mean, at one point I really thought that there was a chance that I would not be able to graduate, but then, when I looked at my grades, and felt my teachers out, i was like "A-squared, you worked your ass off for 4 years, and you didn't stop doing your work, you kept at it, and not everyone can say that they did that, so be proud, do your thing, and get it done". And that's what I did. So now all I have are 1 in class exam and 3 final exams and then I am done! So hopefully I can get at least a B on all of them and get a decent GPA for my last semester in school. It's gonna be really weird being a college alumni, I won't be able to call myself a student again, unless I either go to grad school (really have no interest in, but it's become somewhat required these days), or if I take the philosophic route and just say that "I'm a student of the universe now"......hehehe I like that. Anywho, I will probably begin taking more photos and videos once I am done with classes, documenting the joyous occasion. I am actually scheduled to take one of my friends photos today, because she's trying to put a modeling portfolio together and she needed some quick photos. I am really interested in finding a photographer to either be an assistant or just have as a mentor in terms of being a photographer. I really want to learn how to be a great photographer, at least in a technical sense, beyond the technical aspect it really comes down to your own talent.

On another note my friend S-Dot introduced me to this new website called Gayborhood tv, and it's still really fresh, like it literally just went up this month I think, but it's pretty cool. It's basically a gay youtube, and it also has i think 5 main shows that have new episodes every week, and my favorite is Urban Safari, where this girl Jennifer Justice (I think she's a pre-op transexual, she's got boobs but i think she's still packing down below) goes around West Hollywood interviewing gay people to find the different type of "gay species". I thought that some of them were really funny. But check it out, there's also a regular youtube-esque section where you can post your own videos. Well, here's a promo for the site (actual site is

Ok, well that's all for today. I know that I have not done another "Adventures in Busriding" in a while, but I started to think that it was kindof wrong to do them. I mean, something that I forget living in DC is that yes there are alot of wild people on the bus, but alot of them are actually homeless, and have mental issues as well. So when I talk about someone acting crazy, they may very well be crazy. So, I was faced with the moral dilemma of doing more videos because they were funny to me, or to give these down and out people some respect and mercy. Now I am not saying that the shit isn't still funny sometimes, but in their minds maybe it wasn't meant to be. See ya later

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