Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Discovery! Lovers and Friends

Hey bloggeys!
I was on Logo Online the other day, watching one of the Vlogs that they had posted that day and I saw one by two girls in named Dee and Jenn, and they were talking about how the number of shows geared towards lesbians is shrinking, with shows like South of Nowhere and The L Word coming to a close, there needs to be some new programming. One of the two girls then went on to talk about a new show that she found online called Lovers and Friends, about a group of young lesbians of color, and their experiences, much like The L Word or any other such show, but the characters are reflective of minority lives and the different experiences that they have. One thing that makes this show different from other lesbian shows is that it actually represents some of the lesbians as Doms, or Studs, essentially the black equivalent of "butch" lesbians. The show is produced by Insyte productions, which I am assuming is probably a small company who is working from the ground up, but I have to commend them on taking on the task of creating such things like this. I have long been telling my lesbian friends that they need to start creating things that put their voice out into the world. All of the women that I know are smart, creative, and very capable of doing things like write lesbian novels, make music, and direct films that reflect their perspective of the world. I think that this is just the beginning, but I am very proud that someone took the first step. I know that you can watch the show on their site, or catch the first episode on youtube, and the second is on google videos. Apparently the third episode is set to come out on April 10th. Enjoy!

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