Friday, April 4, 2008

New Discovery! Christopher Street the Series

Hey bloggeys!
I was checking out some blogs, and I discovered that there was another new black gay television show coming out. I just discovered Lovers and Friends this past week, and now I discovered that there is another gay black men's television show in the works. It's called Christopher Street and it was created by Dwight Allen O'Neal (22 yrs old), who if you go on Theandshow page on youtube you will see him on their new show Vantage Point (kindof like a young hip black gay male version of the view for youtube). It's about a group of gay black male friends in New York city in their late teens and early twenties and deals with the different issues and events that happen in their lives. The show is still in production, but I think that they have shot a pilot and they are hoping to get picked up by either Logo or Here!tv. I like the premise of the show, it reminds me of Noah's Arc but with an East Coast feel and it seems more realistic, not as campy. Here's an interview that someone did of Dwight Allen O'Neal about the show:

There's a promo for the show as well, but for some reason the sound is off. I'll put it up anyway:

For more details on the show, go to

I think that it is sooo important to support people like this doing their thing and getting their stories out there, because if we don't support them, then there will be no examples for the rest of us to follow when searching for our own voices in society. This is the beginning of a whole new day for all of us. The time to stand as a community and say that we refuse to be silenced is upon us. Sorry to sounds so ominous but I feel that it is soo true. Even on my own campus I am seeing that slowly and subtly things are changing here, and I am glad to see it. Even if I will be gone, it makes me smile to know that the future classes will benefit from it. Homophobia and intolerance are reaching their shelf date, and soon they will fade away. If a man can get pregnant and carry a baby, surely gay people should be allowed to love eachother without fear or shame (if you don't get the pregnant reference, watch Oprah :) ) The world is changing, and those who refuse to evolve and roll with it will become outnumbered and be left standing alone. Later

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Dwight "Allen" O'Neal said...

Please check out the new trailer as well... And thanks for all the love... Dwight!