Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Looking for a Good Book? Book Recommendation: The Velvet Rage

hey bloggeys!
How is everybody doing? Well, for me, I am soo stressed I can hardly even laugh it off, but luckily I always can. I stayed up till 7am this morning working on a paper that I kept putting off completing, but i finished it, got my 3 hours of sleep and made it to my 11am class on time. I can't wait until the days of all nighters are over. I mean it was clearly my fault because i procrastinated, but hopefully when I get a job and begin working in the real world I will begin to get my act together. At least when i think about work I don't think about having homework, so when you leave your job, you can really leave your job. But anyway, that's not what I wanted to come to you all about. I wanted to come to you because, as I sometimes do, I like to share the advice that I hear from some of my favorite bloggers. This entry is from Jared Schuler (he's on my favs list, check him out). He doesn't post as often as I would like him to, but whenever he posts a youtube video or something I always get something out of it. One of his most recent ones was about a book called "The Velvet Rage" that he recommends to gay people (as well as straight people), and it deals with the perception that gay people live their lives through. I am really interested in reading this book and seeing if I identify with it as well. Once I have read it maybe I'll do a video book review. Anyway, just wanted to share, and here's the video about the book. Enjoy!

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SheknHD said...

The Velvet Rage, excellent book also a great opportunity to open lines of communication with you partner. My partner and i read this book together and walked away much more mature in our, thinking, relationship and just life in general.