Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why Should I Be Afraid?

Hey bloggeys!
I know that I talked about letting someone back in my life before, and I am starting to get scared. Not scared because I know that it is a bad decision, but scared simply because I feel like I shouldn't be letting anyone get to me like this. And what's worse, is that I like it. This guy makes me feel like I could-- like I dunno what I could do. And I know that it's wrong to give someone else such power, but it's like this bond that I cannot break. The main issue with giving someone this kind of power over me, is that I risk them trying to take it back someday. Should I stop this dead in its tracks? Should I put myself in the path of someone who does that to me? But I guess that this is what some people could call the feelings you get when love is starting to blossom. And I hate being so cliche, but that's the way it feels. The only thing that I can do is to trust that the universe knows what it's doing and allow it to take me on the journey that is has planned. Wish me Luck!

Also, on another note, I am sure that I am the last person on Earth to catch onto the talents of Jordin Sparks (i don't watch American Idol, yes there are gay men out there who don't), but I really like this song that she did with Chris Brown called "No Air". It seems that these up and coming R&B artists sure know how to do a duet, thinking back now on the one between Rihanna and Neyo. Hope you all enjoy the video!

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