Friday, March 21, 2008

Live! Live! Live!

Hey Bloggeys!

How is everyone doing?? good I hope. For this post, I really just wanted to put some positive things out on the net tonight. First, I wanted to put up a quote that I saw, at Target surprisingly. I was with some of my friends shopping, and I dunno why, but I always live the artwork that Target has to buy. Whether it be a blown up photograph or a painting, there are always quite a few that I like. And they had a photo of James Dean in his usual lackadaisical expression, but the quote at the bottom was kindof paradoxical to the photo, but it also seems to embody what I think of when I think of James Dean:

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today.

I think that that is such a great quote, and although I find it hard to live this way all the time, it is something that I aspire to. It is something that everyone should reach for.

I think that when you want to live a certain way, it is best to find people who whare your desire to do something with themselves. There is nothing worse than being around alot of people who are doing nothing, and have no diesire to do anything with their lives. My friend S-Dot said something about it on one of his blogs, and I totally agree.

Following this idea, I wanted to share with you all my two favorite blogging lesbians, straight out of Brooklyn. If you haven't clicked on the U-people link on my page, this is a sample of what you have been missing. Hanifah and Olive have a weekly podcast about their lives, their friends, and the people they meet. This week their guest was StaceyAnn Chin (an AMAZING Def Poet), and they talked about alot of different topics related to being gay in America, but alot of them are relevant to alot of different people. It's kindof long (like 25 min) compared to youtube videos that are at the most 10min, but it's good. They also have a segment called "U people" where Gloria Bigelow (who reminds me of one of my sisters) interviews people talking about an experience where they felt like the outsider, and I think that everyone, no matter who you are, has had that feeling. This was a long intro, but enjoy!

I hope that everyone is somewhere doing something that makes them happy! Night night

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