Thursday, February 21, 2008

The One That Got Away

Hey bloggeys!

Ok, so have you all ever had that person who you met, chatted with a little bit, and then just let walk away? Or the one that you let your ego stop you from getting to know better? Well, I have, and I eventually met someone else that I did take that leap with and let myself fall into something with them, whatever it was we fell into.... but sometimes I just think about the person that I coulda/woulda/shoulda given the time. Now I am sure that i am not the only person to think about that person from time to time, and if you have too, here's a song by Tamia called "Almost" that I think does a good job of expressing some of those feelings. If you don't know about Tamia, she's a great R&B artist, and this is off of her album titled "Between Friends". She has some previous albums that are just beautiful and she always has at least one single that I fall in love with. Enjoy!

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