Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Sunday!!!

Hey bloggeys!

Ok, so I didn't update yesterday (i don't think) because i went to go and see my sister and brother-in-law and niece. The girl looks soo much like my sister, it's beautiful. Anyway, yesterday i just got to spend the day with them, and then earlier today we went to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and American Art Museum in Chinatown here in D.C. It's my favorite Smithsonian Museum, and they are currently showing a Hip-Hop portrait exhibit, with photos and paintings of some of my favorites, including Common, Mos Def, Erikah Badu, LL Cool J, and a bunch more. You can find out about it and see some of the work here :

Also, they have one of Sara Walker's pieces. If you have never heard of her, you should definitely check her out, here's a link to find out more about her:

If you have never seen her work in real life, one word to describe it is intense. I first heard about her on Jared Schuler's blog because he saw her in New York, but when I saw her work in the museum, it didn't even compare to seeing it online.

Anyway, it was must a beautiful day for me. The only not so good thing was that I left my cell phone at my sister's house. Luckily I was able to get a ride from my roommate back to her house to get it. But all in all, today was a great day.

And to end the day on a great note, I wanted to share with you guys a really sweet video that a guy made for his boyfriend on youtube. It's so heartwarming, everyone should have someone who they want to make a youtube video for. Enjoy!

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