Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Adventures in Bus Riding

Hey Bloggeys!
One of the features that I will be having on my blog is "Adventures in Bus Riding". If you have ever seen or heard of a great cult film from the 80's called "Adventures in Babysitting", then you will understand. In the film, a young girl has to take the two chidren she is babysitting and their friend from the suburbs to downtown Chicago at night, and many unfortunate events ensue. But in my version, I will be talking about the crazy people that I run into on the DC public bus system. If you have never been to DC, you have no idea how many crazy motherfuckers there are out here. Some are funny, some are strange, and some are just plain scary. There's one in particular that my friend REFUSES to sit on the bus with. Like if he gets on the bus, she for damn sure is getting off at the next stop. This is just sort of an intro, I am going to make a video about it later. peace

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Teddy Grahams said...

Here Here. The buses here have too many crazies!